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Who Is Dustin Erickson?

Dustin William Erickson

Dustin always had a niche for computers. At the age of 5, he got his first Apple computer, the wheels started turning. With a computer always close by throughout his adolescence, he graduated from Verona Area High School in 2001. He quickly decided to continue his education and sought a degree, majoring in marketing and business administration. After just a couple of years, he came to realize that college just wasn’t big enough for him and his dreams. In early 2003, Dustin chose to drop out and test his skills and abilities in the real world.

In March of 2003, Dustin began working with his father, who at the time was working for DPMG Inc. At first, he was doing smaller jobs like editing websites, all the while, learning the Internet trade and collaborating on business plans and ideas. He worked side by side with Bill, while absorbing every tidbit of information he could about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). He began to pick up on the ever-changing processes of SEO through observing the work done by the employees of DPMG. Shortly after that, he continued his self-education through the likes of Bob Massa and Search King. Dustin strived for excellence and success, and his plan was to continue educating himself with the necessary knowledge to one day become an industry leader.

Dustin’s always had big dreams and high expectations of himself, and was beginning to see the vast potential the World Wide Web had to offer him, his father, and their futures alike. Dustin knew he had the ability to achieve big things. The partnerships Bill had shaped gave him the insight to see just how true this was. Through the partnership between Next Wave, LLC and Bob Massa, Dustin was able to see first hand how Search King operated, profited and the tools that were required to create a similar dream of his own.

Dustin Erickson Wisconsin

Since 2004, and the birth of Next Wave, LLC, Dustin have been putting much of his efforts into SEO, and has succeeded in acquiring first page rankings in Google for numerous keywords, even making some authority sites. Another mentor of Dustin’s was a young man from Israel, Mr. Y. Dustin and Mr. Y worked hand in hand, from two different parts of the globe via instant messenger, on a daily basis. Mr. Y quickly became a big contributor to Next Wave, LLC in early 2005. Through the teachings of Mr. Y, Dustin learned some of the “darker side” methods of SEO. Yielding fast results, Mr. Y taught Dustin about “manipulative tricks”, used to get sites and their niche keywords to the top of Google results. Dustin quickly picked up on these techniques, began applying them himself, and he too started to achieve great results. Dustin ran into a problem, however. These fast results and positions didn’t last, and any work that was put into one of these websites could be lost due to the Search Engines banning them, because the positions weren’t obtained legitimately. This was not part of Dustin’s plan.

In light of these findings, in 2006, Dustin decided to take matters into his own hands and was determined to find methods of SEO that allowed his websites to rank and position well, and keep those positions. We like to call these techniques, “white hat”.The fast resulting, manipulative techniques mentioned above we call “black hat”.

After months of research, countless trials and countless errors, Dustin finally found the answers he was looking for. He has since been successful in bringing websites to the top of Google, Yahoo and MSN for some of the toughest keywords on the Internet, ranging from: Engagement Rings to Diamonds, Drug Rehab to Medication, SEO to Content, and many more.

Dustin was appointed Executive Vice President and Director of Marketing in mid 2006 and has held his position ever since.

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